Paul Wexler
(314) 780-8310

Klezmer was the music of the klezmorim, a class of itinerant musicians, who played in the shtetls, or Jewish villages of eastern Europe. The music combines elements of Gypsy, Turkish, Greek, Ukranian, Russian, and Polish music, as well as Jewish liturgical chants. Its infectious melodies and dance rhythms captivate audiences everywhere.

In April 2000, mandolinist Jeff Miller and bluegrass violinist Jeremy Brown were looking to play Klezmer. They recruited bassist Iggie Tiemann from the Smokehouse All-Stars and classically trained clarinetist Paul Wexler to form YIDN, which simply means "Jews".

YIDN performs regularly at Brandt's Cafe in the University City Loop and at a wide assortment of venues including fund-raisers, dedications, film festivals, folk dance festivals, Jewish theater, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Special thanks to Bronwon McWilliams for her fine drawing of YIDN.

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