Here is the playlist to our new CD which includes some of our favorite
Freylakhs, Khosidls, Horas, and a Nigun, Sher, Terk and Doina.
We think you'll enjoy it - that is if you like old-time Klezmer music.

Moshe Emes 2:56
Bukoviner 4:34
Terk In Amerika 4:28
Drohibitsher Khosid 5:24
Der Gasn Nigun 4:14
Fun Tashlikh 2:29
Mayn Tayere Odessa 4:40
Dem Tsadeks Zemer'l 3:03
Der Skyliner Khosid 4:18
Yishmekhu 4:58
Russian Sher 3:07

To get your copy,
follow our link to CD Baby.

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